Classmates, community unite for 7-year-old girl’s cancer fight

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County elementary school student battling cancer is getting support from her family, friends, fellow classmates, and even strangers.

Deliah Sitorius is a second grader at Topsail Elementary School. She is fighting brain cancer at UNC Medical Center. Even though she’s in Chapel Hill, support for Deliah is coming from the coast.

Deliah Sitorius (Photo: Family)

On Monday, more than 100 students wore special shirts for “Deliah Day”.

“It’s just been really an emotional experience just to see how many people care about our little girl,” Deliah’s Dad Alex said.

He watched students and staff come to school wearing teal shirt for his 7-year-old daughter.

“Deliah can make anyone’s frown go away and she loves to laugh and play and be silly,” he said.

In August, Deliah started complaining about headaches.

“She went to the Wilmington hospital for a MRI,” Sitorius said. “They called us back about an hour later and said ‘We usually don’t do this, but your daughter has a tumor.'”

As Deliah began surgery after surgery to remove the brain tumor, a group of parents back at home got to work to give the Sitorius family anything from emotional to financial support.

One of those parents is Emily Graham.

“They are such a wonderful family,” Graham said. “She is such an awesome little girl. It’s just a really hard time for them all and we just want to surround them with support as much as we can.”

Graham says they started working on t-shirts, bracelets, and a slogan — though she be but little, she is brave.

“It’s just true,” Graham said. “She is little, but she is braver than probably most of us and she is proving that every day.”

Businesses are helping sells those items to raise money for the family too.

“You can get them in Hampstead at Coastal Car Care or at Burrito Shack,” Graham said.

The Wilmington Fire Department Station at Empie Park also stepped up and asked Deliah’s brother Carter for a little bit of help.

“Ben had asked Carter to do a little bit of research and ask Deliah what kind of playset she would like so Deliah told Carter this whole plan,” Sitorius said.

In one day, more than dozen firefighters turned an elaborate idea into a reality.

“Oh my gosh,” Sitorius said. “It was amazing to see people you know just do something like that. Seeing her happy and not thinking about it for a few minutes helps us get through the day.”

Sitorius says they’re hoping Deliah gets out of the hospital this week, but she has to have chemotherapy for the next year.

Graham says they are looking for other businesses to help sell t-shirts and bracelets.

To help Deliah, visit here.

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