Columbus Co. and Bladen Co. sheriffs discuss investigation after 8 gang members sentenced

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  Eight gang members will spend years behind bars after a joint investigation between the sheriff offices in Columbus and Bladen counties.

Thursday, Columbus County Sheriff Lewis Hatcher and Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker joined Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Cooley to discuss the investigation.

Cooley said eight gang members of the Piru Mob gang, a set of the United Blood Nation, committed a number of crimes in Columbus and Bladen counties.

She said they were involved in drug trafficking, fire arm possession, and continuing criminal enterprise. The gang members also pled guilty to shootings.

Cooley explained Shawn Schenck, 39, was the leader of the set. He will spend a minimum of 20 years in federal prison.

She said his Second in Command Anthony Jerome Mclean, 31, was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years.

Cooley said both Schenck and MClean ordered multiple hits on their rivals.

James Calvin Quinn, 26, Orlando Rashud Childress, Haskell Turer Williams, Corey Scott Alford, 36, Harry Lane Hardie Jr., 29, Malcom Harvey, 40, were also sentenced to prison time.

Cooley said the sentences for all 8 men total 72 years in federal prison.

“They had been causing a lot of damage, wreaking a lot of havoc for their drug dealing and also for the gang violence they were perpetrating at the time,” said Cooley.

Sheriff Hatcher said the investigation into the gang’s activity began in 2014 after tips came in from the community.

“Between the two sheriff’s Bladen and Columbus gang violence will not be tolerated in either one of these counties,” said Hatcher.

Cooley said when they were asked to join the investigation the focus was on drug trafficking until investigators found out about hits being put out on people then the arrests began.

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