Commissioner Barfield: representatives say they did not read HB2 bill

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — House Bill 2 has created controversy across the state and country since it was passed and signed into law last month.

PayPal announced this week it will not be adding 400 jobs to the state because of HB2. Last night, Wilmington City Council members touched on the concerns from residents at the meeting. Today, we spoke to New Hanover  County Commissioners Jonathan Barfield and Woody White to hear their reactions to the law.

“I’ve talked to other representatives that voted for it and they said, ‘You know, we never read the bill and didn’t realize all the things that are in there’,” Barfield said.

White said, “I think there are parts of the bill that need to be reviewed, but I’m in agreement with its major provisions.”

Barfield said the law hurts many different groups of people. White said while no one supports discrimination, the law ensures basic protections of privacy.

Gov. Pat McCrory was also in town today for the Azalea Festival Queen Coronation, but did not speak to reporters after the event.

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