Community stops at nothing to find Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Family and friends of 25-year-old Paige Escalera and 27-year-old Stephanie Mayorga are fighting even harder to get their faces out to the public.

The community stopped at nothing to try to find their loved ones. Friday afternoon, they posted flyers with the couple’s picture and important contact information all across the Cape Fear.

“Really the only thing that we’ve involved ourselves in, is making sure that these two beautiful women make it to every face, anywhere, everywhere possible,” Organizer Casey Mooring expressed. “If we can make it to China, and we have to, we will.”

Persistency is just an understatement. Casey and her wife Jill said the couple’s connections drew people from as far as Colorado to help post flyers of Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga.

“I know here today, we have people from Fayettville, Southport, Carolina Beach…obviously from here in Wilmington, SC,” Jill said.

And with the power of social media, it brought out people like Maranda Katnic who is an acquaintance of Mayorga’s.

She said even though she does not know the ladies well, she still felt connected.

“It definetly brings out an emotional side, knowing that, I’m not close to the family, and I’ve recently not close to Stephanie or Paige, but you don’t have to know somebody to have emotions towards it, and to acknowledge someone else’s feelings,” Katnic said.

People met at the HomeGoods parking lot in Wilmington where they distributed the flyers before dividing up to post them.

“We printed off an area of Wilmington, and then we took another map, and broke it off into different areas of Wilmington, and assigned people to go to those areas, to post flyers,” Jill said. “Then we’re keeping track so that we know who has been in what area, so we don’t double back on ourselves.”

Jill said the goal is to start off posting them in New Hanover County, and then work their way towards the surrounding counties.

If you have any information that could help find the couple, investigators ask that you call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3609 or use text a

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