Community watch programs unite residents as crime increases

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Community members here in the Port City are working together to make their streets a little safer.

Residents living near 8th Street in Wilmington met Wednesday evening to talk about long range planning for their neighborhood.

Neighbors say they are tired of watching their streets be taken over by crime.

“I have seen numerous prostitutes and a lot of drug deals going down. It just seems like it’s becoming worst,” said Sue Laird.

Laird was just one of a dozen residents who attended Wednesday’s community watch meeting at the MLK center in Wilmington.

Their mission is to make their community safer.

“My role is trying to get the neighbors together and introduce neighbors to each other and to try and formulate a plan,” said Cpl. Leslie Irving, Wilmington Police Department.

Wilmington police say with all of the recent crime our city has seen over the past couple of months, community outreach programs are the key to ending violence in our neighborhoods.

“It is people working together. The police cannot be everywhere,” said Cpl. Irving.

Neighbors say it is hard not feeling safe in their own homes, but they hope meetings like these will help unite their neighborhood and that together they can keep an eye out for one another.

Police say they’re several community watch programs set up across the city.

The programs help to educate residents about safety, while providing police with neighborhood support.

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