Construction forces stray cats off land in downtown Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Construction in downtown Wilmington threatens the home of several stray cats.

“They’re in danger now. I can tell that they’re all adoptable,” said Roger Johnson, who has been reaching out to the community for help rescuing these cats.

Johnson says that all the cat rescue groups he has reached out to just can’t help them in time. When Johnson found the stray cats downtown, he knew he had to do something.

“There are people in the community who, maybe they have a farm, and they just want an outdoor cat. These guys deserve a home. They’re all very nice little cats. They’re not mean. They love attention and they love food, like all cats do,” said Johnson.

Work to start construction on the Aloft Hotel has forced the cats out of their home. But rescue groups have a lot of requirements and steps they must take before they can get these cats.

“We have to find out how many there are. We have to vote on whether or not to take them in as a board. And then once we agree to take them in, every animal has to be at least spayed or neutered and has to have an updated rabies vaccine,” said Sharon Harmon, a board member at the Ruffian Foundation.

The foundation is a feral cat rescue and Harmon says they do not always have the resources to take in more animals.
Johnson says he just can’t do that all by himself, but he won’t give up.

“So rather than just shrug my shoulders like many people would, and say ‘I tried,’ I’m not done trying,” said Johnson.

Johnson will keep watching over the cats until he can find each of them a home and make sure they are safe.

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