Controversy surrounds swearing in of interim superintendent

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Les Tubb was sworn in as the interim superintendent of Brunswick County Schools Tuesday, but the ceremony wasn’t without controversy.

Tubb was sworn in alongside returning members of the board. Tubb was the board’s choice for interim superintendent after they voted 3-2 to fire superintendent Dr. Edward Pruden.

After the swearing in, though, it was time for public comment, and several parents stood to speak about the injustices they felt were done in the way Pruden was treated.

Tubb says that is all in the past and he is looking forward.

“Whatever the controversy was between the board and the previous superintendent, that’s past history for me,” Tubb said. “My day started yesterday.”

Not everyone feels that way though.

“The personal vendetta they utilized to get rid of Dr. Pruden,” said Bill Bailey, who says he is still angry about what happened with Pruden. “We’re concerned about them also pushing forth their personal agendas.”

Folks said this evening their solace will come at the ballot box and voting out the folks who voted to fire Pruden.

Tubb contends this should be about the students, and he intends to see that the students are where their focus remains. Tubb will make more than $10,000 a month as interim superintendent until a permanent one is found.

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