Couple celebrates 70 years of love

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In a time when divorce is almost a norm, one Wilmington couple is celebrating 70 years of love and marriage.

The inside of Ernie and Dee Young’s wedding bands say “Come grow old with me; the best is yet to be,” and family and friends say they live that out each day.

The Youngs took time on their special day Saturday to share some wisdom with us.

“June 25, 1941. Daddy said that way he could remember the anniversary because it’s halfway between Christmas and Christmas,” daughter Zan Bramley recalls.

“I think living to this age and still having your mate is just a gift from God,” said happy and healthy Dee Young as she grabbed her husband of 70 years’ hand.

“I love her, more than ever,” said Ernie Young as he gazed into his bride’s eyes.

“My dad always sort of put mother on a pedestal, and that’s where she has remained to the point where she is his number one girl, and I had to fight to understand just to be number two,” laughed Bramley. “But we grew up in a really faith-based, deep, wonderful, loving home.”

“If you ever have a place where you don’t meet together, you make a difference and wait and wait and wait until both of you get back together all again,” Dee said.

“We mutually agreed right after the wedding that we were never going to go to bed mad, which we haven’t,” Ernie added.

The lovebirds live together at Trinity Grove Nursing Home, where they were the first ever residents to move in to the new facility earlier this month.

Dee said another one of her secrets to a long and happy marriage is to say ‘I love you’ every day and truly mean it.

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