Cruise ship pays Port City a visit

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If you headed downtown this afternoon you may have seen something enormous in the water. American Cruise Lines’ new ship Independence docked along the riverfront.

It made its way here from Baltimore, and is making a stop to let passengers explore our area. There were about a hundred passengers on board the ship. It’s estimated passengers spend an average of $123 per US port of call.

Passengers say they look forward to seeing the Battleship and taking a nice walk on our coastline. The captain of the ship says people love the experience they get while on board the ship.

“I think what the folks really enjoy about our cruises are the places that we stop, the places that we take them to and, of course, the waterway which we operate on. They really enjoy seeing that,” Capt. John Ayers said.

The ship leaves Wilmington at 2 a.m. It wraps up its two-week journey in Jacksonville, FL.

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