Deer dashes through glass door at Ocean Isle business

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — One Brunswick County business had quite the unexpected visitor.

On Friday afternoon, at Sheffield’s Seafood & Grocery store, it wasn’t a runaway reindeer but an actual deer that dashed through a glass door.

Owner Wendy Sheffield says she was working and heard a peculiar noise. Turns out, it was a deer.

The animal crashed through the door and slid through the store.

Sheffield says she ran from behind the seafood counter to open the back door before making her way towards the deer.

“I was just screaming, ‘It’s a deer, it’s a deer!’ And then she turned around and headed back this way, and I kind of got behind her,” Sheffield said.

While describing what happened, she expressed, “We all ran around her, and she just flew out the back door, ran down the dock really fast.”

The deer then dove into the canal.

“We watched her swim over, and she got out on the island, so we went up front, cleaned up all the glass,” Sheffield expressed.

She says many witnesses made phone calls shortly after the incident happened to tell her the deer may have been running from hunters and their dogs.

Other witnesses also believe a car grazed the animal.

The store door was replaced Tuesday morning.

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