Defense attorney says issue that led to officer’s suspension something he’s never seen

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — We’re learning more tonight about a Sunset Beach Police officer under investigation after prosecutors had to dismiss a court case in which he was a witness. The issue is notes the officer used in two different trials.

Adrian Iapalucci has been practicing law for more than 12 years and says he has seen it all. That was until last Wednesday

“This is the first time that I have ever seen two reports that vary so much,” Iapalucci said.

Iapualucci is a defense attorney and was trying a case for his client who had been arrested for DWI in Sunset Beach last year. His client was originally found gulty at the district court level, but later appealed to superior court for a jury trial.

“As a defense attorney I am always thinking about how do I cross examine a witness,” Iapalucci said.

The witness was Sunset Beach Police Officer Jamie Clemmons.

While preparing for his client’s new trial Iapalucci noticed several discrepencies in Clemmons’s notes.

“More significantly there were things that were different,” Iapalucci said. “There were answers or notes on one, the hand-written one, that were never on the typed one.”

The discrepencies led to the dismissal of the DWI case and the suspension of Ofc. Clemmons. Sunset Beach Police Chief Lisa Massey says the officer’s suspension is non-disciplinary.

According to the Sunset Beach Police Department’s website, Clemmons has been with SBPD since 2007. We tried to reach him today for comment, but were unsuccessful.

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