The definition of marriage could be re-written so same sex unions won’t be recognized

A bill moving through the state legislature would define marriage. The bill ultimately states that any marriage other than that between a man and a woman will not be recognized in the state of North Carolina.

Some people say this is discrimination. “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who makes me feel the way he makes me feel. It’s like my cup of life was full, then it ran over when I met him.”

Woody and his partner, Jacob Lewis, met a year ago. The men say their love for each other will never be defined by the law, but some republican lawmakers want an amendment in the state constitution, that would define marriage solely as being between and man and a woman.

The bills in the house and senate are called “Defense of Marriage” bills.

Senator Julia Boseman, the state’s first openly gay legislator, wants lawmakers to focus on fixing the economy instead of reiterating something that is already written as law. “I think the laws in North Carolina are very clear. It’s very clear how marriage is defined,” Boseman said.

Representative Bonner Stiller supports the bill. “A definition of marriage is a biblical term, and it was created by god, and I’m not in charge of changing any rules that god has made, it’s just that simple for me.”

Woody and Jacob say they don’t need paperwork to define their relationship; they plan on showing their commitment to each other in front of their family and friends in July.

St. Jude’s Community Church offers holy unions between homosexual couples, although North Carolina state law still does not recognize it.

“It’s a celebration of love, and it’s to be able to stand in front of the family and friends that we have created here in Wilmington and show our love to each other and be able to celebrate and rejoice that,” said Jacob Lewis.

If the bill passes, a proposed constitutional amendment redefining marriage would be on the ballot for November’s election.

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