Democrats bring Moral Monday protest to Goolsby

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Days after the Republican-controlled North Carolina Senate reworked a House bill to include new regulations on abortions, local Democrats brought the Moral Monday protests to one senator’s Wilmington office.

“Sen. (Thom) Goolsby, whose office we’re standing in front of, called the people who disagree with him morons,” New Hanover County Democratic Party Chair Richard Poole said. “We think it’s that attitude that brings people out. They think their voice is not being heard and sen. Goolsby certainly isn’t listening.”

Monday afternoon the voice of the democratic opposition to Goolsby was heard loud and clear as protestors chanted, “Let women decide their fate, not you, not the state,” outside his downtown office in opposition to his vote for HB 695, which liberals contend would essentially end abortion in north carolina…

“This is a societal issue,” protestor Susan Kranyik said. “It should not be a government issue. If we as a society say that whatever two consenting adults do is ok under the law, then we have to decide that those two consenting adults and the doctor can make that decision just as well and not a government.”

Goolsby issued a statement defending his stance while firing back at his critics.

“It is the height of irony that on a day when pro-abortion Democrat activists protested a bill to protect women seeking abortions, the latest closure of an unsafe abortion clinic was announced. This clinic is located in Durham,” Goolsby wrote.

The protestors say that they will continue to stand outside of his office on Mondays until their message is heard.

Another Moral Monday protest is scheduled for tonight in Raleigh.

Last week the Senate decided it would not reconvene until tomorrow afternoon.

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