Democrats Hill, Brisson to vote for budget veto override

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Bev Perdue made history yesterday when she became the first North Carolina governor to veto a spending plan. But this budget proposal is far from dead.

Five Democrats voted for the Republican-led proposal; two of them right here in our area. But will they stand by their word when it comes to overriding the governor’s veto?

“Is she smart?” Rep. Dewey Hill asked said about Perdue. “Absolutely. Is she a good legislator? Absolutely. Good governor? Absolutely. Is she wrong on the budget? Yes.”

Hill, who represents Brunswick and Columbus Counties, is one of five House Democrats who voted for the Republican-backed budget. Even now that Perdue has vetoed the spending plan, Hill will still vote with Republicans to override her veto.

“We need to go ahead and override that veto and get on with business,” he said. “Take care of the people of the state.”

Hill says the leadership listened to the concerns of the five Democrats when it came to the proposed budget, which in the end included more funding for certain areas.

“Five of us Democrats got some $300 million more for public education,. $100 million more for higher universities, more money for the tobacco trust,” Hill said. “These are things we believe will do well to help the economy. So we agreed to support the budget.”

But Hill is not the only area representative who will vote to override Perdue’s veto.

“We’re still good friends. Always have been,” Rep. William Brisson said of the governor. “I’ve supported her a long time.”

Brisson, who represents Bladen and Cumberland Counties, feels the same as Hill and will stand by his word.

“I haven’t given up on her, but we are just different on this, difference of opinion. That’s her right,” Brisson said.

As for any fear of party backlash, both Hill and Brisson say they are not worried about that, because they know they’re doing what’s right for the people they serve.

Hill says a vote to override the governor’s veto will take place tomorrow in the House. Republicans already have enough votes in the Senate to override the veto. So if all five House Democrats hold, the budget will become law despite the governor’s concerns.

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