Deputy’s reckless driving charge dismissed

From reckless driving to dismissed. She wrecked her muscle car going about 100 miles an hour. In February, prosecutors charged the Brunswick County Deputy with reckless driving. But last week, the charge was dismissed.

The Shallotte Police Department investigated the accident. Chief Rodney Gause said Samantha Lewis did not get preferential treatment because she is a Sheriff’s Deputy. Investigators say Lewis was driving south on Highway 17 eight months ago, talking on her cell phone to one of the deputies she was trying to pass.

She was off-duty and in her personal car, a brand new 2010 Ford Mustang. At about 100 miles per hour, Lewis lost control of the car, ran off the road into a ditch, and rolled about 420 feet, nearly a football field and a half. Lewis was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

In March, Shallotte Police cited Lewis with careless and reckless driving. But last week, her charge was dismissed. Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney Cathi Radford said dismissals are common in single car accidents where the insurance pays for the damage, as Lewis’s did. Lewis has recovered from her injuries and is back on the force.

A spokeswoman for the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says Sheriff John Ingram “took action” against Lewis but would not go into detail because she says it’s a personnel issue.

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