Director of controversial animal shelter retires

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The man who has been in charge of an animal shelter that’s been in the news for issues over the past few years has retired.

A Columbus County spokesperson confirms Rossie Hayes submitted resignation in June to retire September 20, but he has continued to work until the end of the week to train the new director.

“My health started getting worse and worse,” Hayes said. “Like I said I’ve already been in the hospital three times this year. And at my age, I just felt like it’s time for me to go home and turn it over and let a younger person have it. Because this is a real stressful job.”

Joseph Prince has been named the new director of the shelter. Prince is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with experience in law enforcement both with the county and the Department of Public Safety.

The shelter has been the focus of scrutiny over issues of animal treatment and cleanliness. Most recently, an employee was fired after a dog was able to kill several cats.

County Manager Bill Clark said the county is currently appealing a fine from the state. The fine came after a warning from the state agency that oversees animal shelters.

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