DNA evidence links rape suspect to crime

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — A New Hanover County jury saw DNA evidence in the Antonio McAllister trial that links the suspect to the crime.

The DNA evidence presented today does link McAllister to the crime, but not directly.
Antonio McAllister stands trial accused of beating and raping a 78-year-old Pender County woman in July of 2005.

On Tuesday District Attorney Ben David showed the jury two hairs found at the crime scene.

The State Bureau of Investigations tried to perform a DNA analysis of the hairs but could not provide a definite match.

Investigators testified that the hairs were then sent to the private lab Labcorp where they were tested using more advanced technology.

Tuesday afternoon the forensic scientist who tested the hairs concluded that they came from a biological child of Jesse Henry, Antonio McAllister’s mother.

McAllister has two brothers but they could both be accounted for at the time of the rape.
That lead authorities to arrest and charge McAllister.

There’s no word on whether McAllister will take the stand in his own defense. If he is found guilty he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The trial will continue tomorrow with more witnesses for the prosecution.

The case is expected to wrap by the end of the week.

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