Duke Energy offers tips on how to beat the heat without breaking the bank

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The heat is rising but that doesn’t mean your energy bill has to do the same. As summer continues, Duke Energy Spokesman Jeff Brooks shares some no-cost ways to lower bills.

Simple tricks like making sure your air filters are clean, keeping the blinds closed on the sunny side of your home, and turning off the lights can save you money and keep your home cool.

The spokesman also suggests raising the thermostat to the highest comfortable setting while you’re home. If you’ll be gone for extended periods of time, like six to eight hours or more, raise the thermostat a couple degrees higher.

To prevent your home from getting too hot and causing your air conditioner to work extra hard, avoid using the oven. Try grilling outdoors, using the microwave, or preparing meals that don’t require heat like a salad.

“Really some simple things. You don’t have to go out and necessarily change all of the insulation in your house– although that’s a great thing to do,” Brooks said. “We’re really saying simple, no cost, low-cost steps can really make a difference in what your bill is every month.”

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