Event connects New Hanover County teens with jobs and college opportunities

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —The New Hanover County Office of Diversity and Equity teamed up with Cape Fear Community College and McDonalds of Wilmington to host an event for a jobs and college initiative focusing on 2021 high school graduates and teens.

Gigs for Graduates was held on Sunday afternoon from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the New Hanover County Public Library. The event gave recent high school graduates and teenagers the opportunity to meet with CFCC representatives to learn about free tuition assistance and sign up for admission for the fall semester.

McDonalds representatives were also on site conducting onsite interviews with teens 16 and up.

16-year-old Joshua Bullock attended the event with his mother, and said he believed it to be beneficial.

“It was pretty nice, I learned a lot of things, from the man over there at CFCC. He taught me some stuff I didn’t know about my career path, and listening to the people that worked at McDonalds was also very nice, they –you know, told me about the work and the job, and it was interesting,” said Joshua Bullock.

” It was Great, as a parent to be able to come out and take care of some things that needed to be taken care of, with some help from the people who are with the companies,” said Joshua’s mother, Erin Bullock. “So, we really appreciate them for putting this on today.”

A representative with CFCC said they saw a positive response to the event, thankful for the opportunity to participate.

“So, Cape Fear Community College is so excited to be a part of the Gigs for Grads event, we’re really happy to help students and families navigate, thinking about what comes next,” Jeremy Gibbons, CFCC Director of Admissions.

A Wilmington McDonalds representative said the company, much like other businesses, hasn’t seen many applicants this year, and the event was a great chance to introduce teens to what could possibly be their first job opportunity.

“It’s been a, –a very slow year as far as people wanting to come out and get involved. We have openings here in the Wilmington area for about 300 employees, we’re looking for a lot of people to hire right now. Hopefully people will come out soon and get back into the jobs,” said  Drew Taylor, Director of Operations for McDonalds of the Greater Wilmington Area.

The event also spoke to attendees about being eligible for the longleaf commitment grant, a program for 2021 North Carolina high school graduates who attend one of the state’s 58 community colleges this upcoming fall semester.

Full-time eligible students are guaranteed to receive $700 to $2,800 per year, for two years.

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