Extraordinary People: Bootleg Dynasty brings unique sound to Cape Fear music scene

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –Rowdy Americana, some homegrown hootenanny with a Johnny Cash twist. That’s how you could describe the hot tunes from Wilmington group, Bootleg Dynasty.

From Brad Lackey on lead vocals and acoustic guitar to Ryan Curry not missing a beat on the drums, these guys truly love playing together.

“I think it’s probably the best mix of musicians I’ve ever played with. I’m super thrilled about how it all came together, how it sounded from the get-go,” Lackey said.

“It’s the best feeling ever to see other members in the group having fun,” bassist Trevor Havelka said. “To work together and see others in the audience, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

The veteran of the group, lead guitarist Charlie Rogers has been strumming strings since he was 12.

“I didn’t play out for probably seven or eight years,” Rogers said. “Initially I came out to play you know on the weekends or twice a month and they’re about to work me to death.”

Even the shy guy in the band, full-time teacher and drummer Ryan Curry lights up when he hits the stage, not missing a beat.

“I’ve had numerous people that i teach with and coach basketball with who say, ‘I’ve never seen you move like that,’” Curry said.

The southern rockers serve up their sweet tunes in venues across the Cape Fear including the Brooklyn Arts Center and Ziggy’s by the Sea.

Bootleg Dynasty was even awarded in the Americana category during this year’s Carolina Music Awards. And these Wilmington guys aren’t slowing down any time soon.

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