EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Clicks of Confidence

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Let’s talk extraordinary. Have you ever seen a horse sit on command? You’re about to. A most talented lady in Bolivia, one of “Wilmington’s Women to Watch in 2014”, has some trick ponies up her sleeve, so to speak. Her trick is a click. A click of confidence. She’s our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

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Did you hear it??????
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The click of confidence…..
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“I’ve taken what started as, kinda like a silly hobby at the time,” Lauryn Zepeda said, “and it’s evolved into different things and brought different opportunities.”

Lauryn Zepeda has a special bond with the horses she trains. “What I’m trying to do here is trying to connect with them mentally and they want to be with you and please you,” said Zepeda.

Home schooled in Bolivia, Lauryn grew up on a farm in Brunswick County. It was there that she grew this unique form of communication. “I started marking what I liked,” Zepeda said, “it’s kind of like saying ‘that’s good’, and they associate that sound with ‘oh, that was right’. They start shooting for what they did, it’s like recording the behavior.”

(example of Zepeda asking horse to sit.*See Video*)

It’s the repetitive click or whistle that leads the horse without any use of force.

(example of Zepeda riding horse with no saddle or reins and commanding via sound. *See Video*)

Each breed has its strengths and weakness, she says.

“So that’s what the method is all about,” Zepeda said. “Focus on what they are good at and bringing out their strengths and over looking what they aren’t, and believe it or not they get so motivated and inspired they start offering it to you.”

(example of horse following sound commands. *See Video*)

“The only catch is that the reward is,” says Zepeda. “They’re horses so they eat like 17 hours a day. You know how they say with a man the way to his heart is through his stomach? (laughing). It’s like that except the horse is probably more trainable. But, I reward them with their normal ration of grain, they get two scoops of grain a day, all I’m doing is giving it to them while they work, and making them work for it.”

Yeah…we men can be stubborn as a…mule…sometimes. *Laughs*
But Lauryn, the way you help horses with positive reinforcement is downright cool. You are most definitely….Extraordinary.

Lauryn has trained all kinds of horses over the years….including some that have been rescued and others who have been adopted.
If you’d like to see her and her horses in action….she’ll be part of the NC Dept of Agriculture “got to be NC Festival” this year in May (15-17th)!
We’ll keep you posted when we get closer to the event.

For more information on what Lauryn Zepeda does with horses, check out her website—> http://www.clicksofconfidence.com/

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