EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: ‘Nothing short of a calling’

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Leaders come in all shapes and sizes but some positions of leadership are hard to come by. Take Julie Kozlow, for example. She works a profession that has long been dominated by men. However, that is changing. Rabbi Kozlow has made history in Wilmington. She’s our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

**Rabbi singing**

You could say she has a voice of an angel.  You could also say she has a voice of compassion.

“I think a good Rabbi is somebody who can hear what your congregates are saying,” Rabbi Julie Kozlow said,  “even though they aren’t using words to say it and can anticipate the needs and for me, it’s the spiritual needs.”

Meet Julie Kozlow.

She’s the new Rabbi for B’nai Israel in Wilmington.

She’s the first woman to lead this Jewish congregation in more than a hundred years.
When longtime Rabbi Robert Waxman retired…the synagogue looked to the future.
“It, for me, is nothing short of a calling,” the Rabbi said.
A calling she’s been on for a long time and rising above many challenges along the way.

“I said, one day, I’m going to be a Rabbi, when the kids are old enough I’ll go back to school, and I actually did,” Rabbi Kozlow said.

“All I know in life is that we are not here by accident, life is purposeful,” speaking on her message to everyone. “Everything we do matters, every action we take creates a ripple effect in the world.”

And Rabbi Kozlow hopes her action will awaken the communities spiritual side.

“Don’t waste a moment,” Rabbi Kozlow said with a warm smile.  “You don’t know how much time you have, but something is asked of you, so figure out what it is and get to the business of changing the world.”

Rabbi Kozlow, welcome to Wilmington. Here’s to your Extraordinary accomplishment of making history….and making a ripple effect in the world.

Rabbi Kozlow comes from a synagogue in Greenville, SC.  Her first day on the job was July 1st but the celebration of her formal installation is planned for the weekend of August 21st.

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