WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A non-profit that helps kids with autism is giving newscasts a run for their money. A teacher at OASIS NC started having her students write news articles and that turned into an actual weekly newscast put on by those students. WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces you to the Extraordinary People of the Week.

“Oasis News, we tell the world interesting things about our school and stuff,” Oasis NC student Jack told WWAY’s Daniel Seamans.

It may be the cutest newscast you’ll ever see. “I really like at the end because, it does and the beginning, it does this music that actually sounds like actual news,” Jackie said of the show. She’s a anchor and reporter for it.

Students of the non-profit OASIS NC make a weekly newscast. “I’ve reported on the pond outside, my birthday, my janitor stuff,” Hayden said, “two times I got to be the news anchor.”

Grant is a proud participant! “Oasis News is a series OASIS NC non profit organization that gets gets uploaded every Friday,” he said.

They anchor on set and report from the scene, as August did after Daniel Seamans left their school. “I am standing in the exact spot where Daniel from WWAY car was at this very time yesterday. I’m August signing out for WWAY news, back to you Thank you Daniel.”

“All the kids are very involved,” Director of Development Angela Pollock said. “We limit it to 3 stories a week. Some of those stories are field trips going on, visitors we have, but other than that I go around and ask does anyone have a story for the news today and there’s always plenty to choose from.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s where we come out with interesting facts and when I’m in it,” Jack joked.

Mia Lou says, “It’s really fun to kind of talk about what’s happening during the week, it’s really cool”

And it helps improve everyday skills. “Not only can we see them improve by doing it but we can also track their progress,” Pollock said, “we can look back and say “look how awesome your doing now, that’s a confidence builder in itself. It improves their storytelling abilities, eye contact, listening skills, conversation skills.”

Real life skills. “So you know,” Jack said, “we make scripts, do set up and let the recording begin and just talk about the stuff that’s happening.”

“I reported exciting news, community news, and breaking news,” said Ryan.

They bring extrarodinary cuteness from extraordinary kiddos. “Make everyday a great day,” Grant added.
Now THAT is a lead story!

For more information on OASIS NC, including their newscast, click here.

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