EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Preparing for a Little Princess

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The bond between a father and daughter is huge. In fact, a male role model has a huge impact on children regardless of the relationship. It can be a father, step father, uncle, grandfather, or anyone who takes the time to be involved in a little girl’s life. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week is part of a special event called the Little Princess Ball that helps create memories of a lifetime….

“Back in 2009, essentially when the economy was not so great,” Kathy Smith told Daniel Seamans, “organizations were looking for a way to pull together resources to provide what they could at an affordable rate.”

“I love my work,” she added with a smile.

Kathy Smith is helping put the finishing touches on some memories in the making.

“This is one day that I absolutely love to come to work, it’s on a Saturday. So I get to witness that,” Smith said.

Witness a little role model magic at the Little Princess Ball.

“With today’s times,” Smith said, “dads are obviously very busy, sometimes working two jobs to support the family and little girls don’t see their dads enough. And especially that quality time, it’s just not there.”

But each year folks like Kathy Smith help create a day where quality time is there.

The Little Princess Ball is sponsored by CIS of Brunswick County and Brunswick County Parks and Recreation.  It also gets support from Brunswick Senior Resources, Brunswick Community College, the Leland Cultural Arts Center and other community donors and many volunteers.

“So this two hours, just two hours,” Smith said, “it’s a party, means everything to these little girls. You get to see them dance with their dads, hug their dads, it’s a memory made for a lifetime.”

“It’s about that quality time, the little girls are talking with their dads about what they are going to wear, they are practicing at home dancing with their dads in preparation, they just feel very very special,” Smith said.

Special indeed. It’s see in the eyes of a princess and in the arms of a role model.

Kathy Smith, what you, and EVERYONE involved in the Little Princess Ball, do to make these memories of a lifetime, is Extraordinary.

Tickets are $12 and could possibly sell out as they have in years past.  It will be held February 11th from 3pm to 5pm. You can reserve tickets and find out more about the 3 locations by clicking here.

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