WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Rides of a lifetime happen at Beach Access 10 in Wrightsville Beach.  It’s where we find our Extraordinary Person of the Week who helps people who can’t see….surf.

“The ocean and this environment has a lot of healing properties for kids who are stuggling with things,” Jack Viorel told WWAY’s Daniel Seamans.

Jack Viorel is a life changer. “It doesn’t matter if they surf again,” he says of what the new surfers learn after one day in the water. “They have tools to take on other challenges in their life.”

Jack’s the guy behind IndoJax Surf Charities.

“It’s not just their first wave,” he says, “it’s their first ride on a different train, a different way of living, trying things that are out of the ordinary and out of the box.”

Trying things out of the box. Like their surf camp for the visually impaired that goes beyond sight to show those who can’t see an experience they thought they couldn’t do. “We hear stories afterwards of them trying all sorts of new things,” Jack said. “Horseback riding, ice skating, you name it.”

Jack’s surf charities empower those who have a special need, or medical condition, or some kind of disadvantage.
He opens minds with something as simple as a wave.  “For me, it never gets old,” he says. “It never ceases to amaze what these kids can actually do and it helps me as a parent and as a person.”

Jack says each spring the he and team make a trip to India to give orphaned girls a day on the waves.

By the way, he and his team offer the surf charity camps for free. Jack Viorel, you are giving rides of a lifetime and memories that last just as long.  And that makes you….Extraordinary.

Check out the IndoJax Surf Charities website and Facebook page for more information on their mission, events, and how you can help be a part of their life changing non-profit.

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