OGDEN, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County couple is celebrating 50 years of marriage this month. They are truly a case of love at first sight and got engaged after one date! WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces you to our Extraordinary “Couple” of the Week.

Imagine sitting in a barber chair and while you stare out the window, you see the love of your life walk by. What do you do? You fall in love.

“I was getting a haircut at the barber shop and she walked by,” Ron Reeves told Daniel Seamans about the day he met his wife.

The year was 1967 and it was truly love at first sight.

“I took her home,” Ron said.
“Wait, wait, wait!” his wife laughed. “Don’t say ‘take her home.’ 50 years ago that was a no no. Let me stop him right there,” she continued. He did not take me home.” The couple has a great sense of humor.

Ron and Maggie Reeves met just outside that barber shop. “She was walking to the bus and I stopped her, I offered her a ride, she agreed,” Ron said.

And they got into the car as the love story hit the road.

“By the time we got to my house,” Maggie said. “He knew everything about me, cus I’m a talker.”

That day became their first date that involved Ron taking Maggie’s four kids to the clinic and helping them with school work.
Ron wasted no time letting her know how he felt.

“How long until you proposed to this woman?” Daniel asked. “The 1st week,” Ron said. “4 days. 4 days. I was leaving town for three months going to school so I wanted to make sure she was waiting on me, so I went ahead and popped the question.”

Four days after first sight. “My mom said no no no no, please tell him no. He’s got something up his sleeve. I know he was something up his sleeve,” Maggie joked. “So I told him yes.”

50 years later they have 8 kids and 24 grandkids.They also have a bond they attribute to strong faith, allowing each other to be who they are, “and commitment,” Ron said with Maggie nodding in agreement. “Commitment plays a big part in staying together and not letting anything anhything interfere with you marriage.”

50 years after four days and still madly in love. Happy Anniversary Ron and Maggie! You two are Extraordinary.

By the way, Ron worked many jobs over the years to support his growing family. He was a medic, officer, and helicopter pilot in the military. He later went to college to become a superintendent of the postal operations in Shallotte and there were many side jobs in between.

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