WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Music is a universal language. Instruments teach something that makes people shine inside and out. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week goes above and beyond to make sure kids get the tools to speak that language.  He calls himself a band geek and he is hitting all the right notes.

He has pawn shops from Charlotte to Wilmington.
“It makes me feel incredible,” he said of the donations.
But it’s what Bob Moulton does outside of the stores that is hitting all the right notes.

“It was six or seven years ago that I noticed we had a lot of instruments at National Pawn at all our our stores,” Moulton said, “and that there were a lot of kids that I’m sure would need instruments and their families just couldn’t afford to buy them.”

Just this past September, Moulton donated more than 100 instruments to DC Virgo in Wilmington where the band director told us just how incredible his kindness can be.

D.C. Virgo Band Director Dr. Crystal Britton said in our interview the day the students found out about the donation, “It means that children will have an opportunity to take their own instrument home so they can practice while they’re there.”

To date, Bob has donated some three thousand instruments that he could be making money off with his business.
Instead, he’s actually giving money away.  “I think it’s about 3000(instruments) and along with that, as of this year,” Moulton added, “it will be 50 thousand in cash we give to the schools for supplies and repair and maintenance on those.”

It’s an act that gives him rock star status, though he calls himself something a little different.

“I call myself a band geek, so I would like to challenge all the band geeks out there that may have a trumpet, trombone, claronette, flute or something in their closet, garage, attic, to go donate it to a school because we thought we were doing a lot but we are barely scratching the surface, there is such a need out there.”

It’s music to our ears, Bob Moulton. You, Mr. self-proclaimed band geek, are Extraordinary.

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