WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In 2007, she was named Woman of the Year by New Hanover County. She is a leader in the community in bringing different cultures, races and ethnic backgrounds together. You might just recognize the voice.  WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces you to our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

It has long been said that music is the one place where you can both lose and find yourself at the same time.   It’s where we find the Night Nurse.

“I started at night on public radio, actually,” Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith told Daniel Seamans. “So it kind of went with a theme I was working with at the time, came up with the name Night Nurse.”

Kimberly has a passion for reggae music. “There’s a redemptive quality about this music,” she said. “It’s social commentary, it’s also feel good music at the same time.”

Sundays you’ll find her show bringing a one love mission to the air waves with her show Reggae Redemption on Coastal Carolina’s Modern Rock, 98.7, 10am to noon.  “It brings people of all kinds together and that permeates my whole life, my day job as well.”

The Night Nurse is also bringing people together as a diversity specialist at UNCW. “I would like to see people loving the skin they are in because I find the more you are in tune with who you are and the comfortable you feel in your skin you make that same room for everyone else around you,” she said of her her many goals.

This busy woman  plays an active role keeping reggae alive and well at various venues in the Cape Fear, creating festivals as well as weekly shows at venues like the Lazy Pirate in Carolina Beach and concert halls.

Her passion is music to our ears but also to our minds.  “So I use reggae music and my work in diversity and inclusion to just open the world up and allow other people in to each other to do some good work that is not as hard as we make it,” Kimberly added.

Kimberly McLaughlin Smith, aka the Night Nurse, you are the sweet sound of redemption and that makes you, Extraordinary!

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