WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Storytelling can be found in almost everywhere you look. It can be in person, in books, on tv and the big screen. WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces us to a local storyteller who is our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

“There are so many stories out there that have heart, that have a message, that have a purpose that gives young minds something to chew on,” Scott Davis told Daniel Seamans.

Scott Davis has been storytelling for most of his life to all walks of life.

“I actually had a principal call me one time, two weeks after I had been to a school,” Davis said, “and he said I just wanted you to know of all the artists we’ve had over the years, I’ve never seen the effect you’ve had.”

One of his most recent works is an audio book called ‘Percy the Cat and the big White House’.

“Me and my partner, Richard Sirianni, are kicking around a story about a talking cat,” Davis said of the audio story that originally was going to be a illustrated children’s book. After realizing how expensive it could be, the duo used their talents with sound to turn it into what it is today.

Percy is a talking cat who, on a journey, meets all kinds of characters and presidential pets with about two dozen local actors adding their talents to the story.

“I like stories that have a twist ending but also have a message, have a point, but not one that is hammered in your head,” Davis said.

Now he and his business partner are hoping to take their writing and storytelling to the next level with Ensemble Audio Studios.

“Our goal is to produce audio dramas for adults as well as for children and families,” Davis said.

It’s a creative art that opens minds. “What I think most storytelling is about, is how how we interact as human beings and i think more than ever we need that,” he concluded.

It’s one of the many reasons, Scott Davis, you are Extraordinary.

Check out more from Scott Davis on his website.

You can also read more about Percy the Cat on his facebook page.

If you know an extraordinary person, let me know about them.  You can email the info to dseamans@wwaytv3.com and I’ll take it from there!

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