EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Support the Port ‘Lift’

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is a grand gateway into the Port City. It supports a lot of people every day. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week knows all about support, too!
He’s the founder of ‘Support the Port’ and is creating positive change in the community.

We’ve seen him getting students excited about learning with a welcoming committee inside local schools.

“I know how in the midst of getting your education you can take it lightly and take it for granted,” Cedric Harrison told WWAY in a 2016 interview on the campus of New Hanover High School. “So we just want to come and renew their enthusiasm.”

We’ve seen him giving out turkeys for Thanksgiving. “Helping all of these families means that I know that there’s 100 families right here in the city that won’t go hungry this holiday season,” Harrison told us during the event last year.

Cedric Harrison has created campaign after campaign to help unite the Wilmington community.

“That’s how I feel, we should do as a community is all join together and influence and unify and come together peacefully to all help each other out,” Harrison said, “because we can grow stronger together and divided it doesn’t usually go that way.”

His organization is called Support the Port.

He and his team of volunteers look for ways to show people that violence is not the answer.

“It brought me back to Wilmington,” Harrison said of returning home after graduating from UNC Pembroke. “I wanted to first start off positive, one of the things really on my mind and on my radar that seemed to be wearing and tearing on the community as a whole was the violence. The rapid rate that the violence went to in the community so the first thing I did was the stop the violence one sign at a time campaign where we took stop the violence signs and put them at memorials, where people had died due to violence.”

With support from local businesses, Support the Port grows and with it, people in the Port City are getting options that once weren’t around.

“We’ve done different engagements that encourage people to bring people together through arts, culture, music,” he said. “We have the stop the violence start the peace rally at the Azalea Festival where we had more than 500 kids making tie dye shirts, fed them, had live positive performers.”

It’s a positive approach we can all support.
Cedric Harrison, you are most definitely, Extraordinary!

This weekend Support the Port is holding the ‘SNAPS, CLAPS, AND KNEE SLAPS’ event for a night of jokes, music, and poetry. Then event will be held at the DREAMS Arts Center at 901 Fanning Street.

You can find more details on the event as well as the organization on their Facebook page and on their website.

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