EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Trick and Click Pony Show

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County trick pony show is back in the headlines and turning heads all around North Carolina. One of our Extraordinary People of the Week and her sidekick recently dazzled the crowd at the ‘got to be NC Agriculture Festival in Raleigh.

The backdrop was big. Her message…even bigger.

A Click of Confidence.

(Note: Watch video to see the duo perform on camera)

We first introduced you to Lauryn Zepeda back in January with her trick pony, Gringo.

Now in May they take the big show. “The whole point is we were able to promote positive reinforcement and it’s amazing to see how many people are interested,” Lauryn Zepeda told Daniel Seamans. “Even non-horse people were interested in them seeing him(Gringo) do things he wanted to.”

And in his own funny way, interested in things he did not want to do.

“He doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do,” Lauryn jokes on a microphone to an enormous crowd as Gringo kept grabbing a blanket he didn’t want on his back. (see video courtesy of Susan Wolfson)

Lauryn and her trick pony just wrapped up nine shows at the ‘got to be NC Agriculture Festival in Raleigh’.

And it’s not just a performance for her mustang…it’s one for us all.

“The positive reinforcement applies to everything beyond horses. What I was telling people is that what it is about is magnifying an individuals strengths, embracing what they are good at and just bringing out their best possible self,” Lauryn said. “Gringo is not necessarily a barrel racing pony but he’s smart, and he was good at his job so we all out our strengths and we all have our weaknesses and people can apply that with other people too.”

And all kinds of people watched the nine shows in Raleigh.

“We’re going to challenge that and say reverse,” Lauryn told Gringo as they walked backwards in sync in the dirt stage at the Grandstand. “Very good!”

The extraordinary talents of Lauryn Zepeda even caught the eye of actor Anthony Anderson….star of ABC’s sitcom Black-ish.


“I got to meet Anthony Anderson. That was cool. He and his producers were walking around the festival filming for a network show.”

Back with her partner on the dirt stage for the big dance….

“Now Gringo, what do ballerinas do,” Lauryn said as Gringo started spinning round and round in front of the crowd.

Her clicks of confidence continue to spread a message of positivity.

Just goes to show….

“I’m always trying to challenge him and if don’t get get it, I just want a really good try. That’s what i’m looking for,” Lauryn said.

It just goes to show that Lauryn Zepeda is one ‘Extraordinary’ person.

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Keep up the Extraordinary message Lauryn!



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