WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some animals are simply easier to adopt at an animal shelter. Certain breeds, certain colors, the way they wag their tail…you may be amazed on what can cause a dog or cat to be passed over time and time again.
Jill Jones knows this, so she targets the underdog(or cat).
She gives them a better chance and it makes her Extraordinary.

“sounds of dog eating snack”
Slobber and all, Belle looks like one happy dog. “I see a tail wagin,'” said Daniel Seamans. And inside a foster parents home, we find two playful kittens.
“sounds of cats playing with toys”
But there’s some extra special awesomeness going on here.

“We look at animals that others aren’t looking at,” Adopt-an-Angel co-founder Jill Jones told Daniel.

Jill Jones helps track down the underdog, or cat for that matter.
“We formed this group primarily because we wanted to go into local shelters and save the cats and dogs that were not getting any exposure, or running out of time,” Jill said.

Running out of time…..we know what that means.

Enter the non-profit Adopt-an-Angel. “If you want to know the whole story,” Jill explained of their beginnings, “we sat at McCallister’s, and pulled 240 dollars out of our pockets and and did all the paperwork and said let’s start going.”

‘Going’ would lead to overlooked animals getting a chance when it looked like they would be getting robbed of one.

Steve Page is a foster parent for the organization. “I started trying to take her(Belle) on walks and she would go maybe two houses and freeze up,” Steve said. “Now we walk a mile and a half a day.”
Dogs like Belle, who came from a broken home and partially blind now, becomes an angel once she finds some trust.
Now she’s ready for adoption.

Jill explained what they look for in overlooked animals. “I look at the dates,” she said. “We look at the colors, the shelters call us with ones that have heart worms, or behavior problems they can’t help.”

Jill also rescued these furballs, Pauline and Lizzie. A trip to the vet found that they are 95 percent blind and perfect candidates for Adopt-an-Angel. If you ask their foster mom, Pat Bond, you’d hear they are 100 percent fun!
“These two play soccer with the others kittens,” Pat said. “and they are really good at it, sometimes better than the other kittens because they rely on senses and hearing.”

Jill says since 2004….they’ve saved more than 8000 angels who were being overlooked. And though she can’t save them all….the fact that she looks out for the underdog, or cat, is Extraordinary.

All the medical bills Adopt-an-Angel gets for helping save the underdog and cat add up.
So they can always use donations.

Please log on to their website, http://www.adoptanangel.net/home.html , to find out everything you need to help(if you can).
There are links to their adoption sites as well as tons of information on their mission, their pets, and how you can even become a volunteer.

If you’d like to nominate someone for Extraordinary People…email me at dseamans@wwaytv3.com

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