EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Wilmington, we have liftoff!

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A CFCC Student is one of 40 chosen to take part in a nationwide program with NASA. He’s our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

Back in December, a major milestone for NASA lifted off with the launch of the Orion spacecraft.
Barely missing a chance to witness the event was Alexander Guevara, a Cape Fear Community College student majoring in chemical technology.

“We went the first day to view the original day of the (Orion)launch party,” Guevara said, “but they didn’t have it because of a weather situation.”

The Orion launch was delayed one day but Alexander’s launch was on time.
His flight landed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center to take part in the National Community College Aerospace Scholars Project. It’s an adventure reserved for 40 students from across country.
“I applied, thought I failed the program,” Guevara said of not hearing back soon from NASA.

But what a surprise he’d get. “I was upset for a few days,” he said. “I was like, I worked so hard and didn’t get in the program, but noticed the message on a Saturday while I was sitting there sulking about it, and I was like, oh I got accepted. I got excited, I felt kinda dorky, but I got excited when I saw I was accepted.”

The three day event at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama is NASA’s way of getting students excited about careers in science and engineering.

These 40 students, with Wilmington representing, created fictional companies interested in Mars exploration.

“We took part in a rover competition,” Guevara said, “We built the rover, did the programing, we basically did the real world thing but in a mini competition.”

His team didn’t win, but it did give this Cape Fear Community College student an extraordinary ‘out of this world’ (but still on the planet) experience.

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