EXTRAORDINARY PERSON: The King of Castle Street

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This week's Extraordinary Person of the Week is a King of Castle Street. Michael Moore helped revitalize a stretch of road that once was a ghost town. There was a time that this castle was missing its king.

"When we first began, there were so many vacant buildings," said Michael Moore. Someone had to risk it all. Someone had to bring some light. "In 2004 I sold my building and moved to Castle St and invited some of the other shops," Moore said. And so it began. Signs of life, blossomed.

A small world once closed is now always opening soon. "We've become a destination for people," Moore said. "And that was the whole motivation for getting multiple shops to come and join us." We hit the sidewalk with Michael Moore, a man who played a major role in Castle Street's revitalization over the past decade.

"See all these houses that have been restored," he said as we walked. "And these, it really is a community here." He's connected to the past, present, and future. Like this former church…now an antique shop. "She's got a photograph when it was our church. (this used to be where you worship?) "yes, this is where I worshiped," Moore said.

Even the newbies paint a beautiful picture. "We got down here four months ago," said Emily Martian. Four months and already feels at home. "Michael Moore is our neighbor, he's awesome, he spreads the word about us all the time," Emily said. "He sends people our way. It's a big community down here, everybody knows each other, super friends. We've gained a lot of people just being in the neighborhood."

Before Michael Moore….the music just didn't play so loud. But his revival reflects something special for the Castle Street community. It reflects something…..extraordinary. Michael will also be a part of this weekend's Castle Street Block Party on Saturday. You can find all the details of the community event here….

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