Family Dollar customer reports vandalism targeted towards black community

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Someone targeted a local business using graffiti to speak out against the Black Lives Matter movement.

One shopper found a message that she said was so disturbing, she did not want it to be swept under the rug.

Monday morning the resident said the writing totally caught her off guard as she was walking into the Family Dollar in Murrayville.

“Being curious, went up and seen the graffiti that stated, ‘White Lives Matter’ and then ‘F-BLM’…twice written on the floor,'” Shopper Ambre Walker said.

She added that is when she immediately brought it to the store manager’s attention.

“She was appalled and I took pictures and she was taking pictures and calling her manager up, and then just letting them know like, ‘Hey there was an issue out there,'” Walker said.

A store employee said the Black Lives Matter message has been on the pavement since late last week, while the White Lives Matter was spray painted onto the wall overnight.

Walker said she just does not understand why someone would write the messages in front of a Family Dollar.

“This is a family area and very homey, and people kind of know each other more or like at the store and inside the area,” Walker said.

Walker said seeing it happen just minutes away from her home was alarming.

“It’s no longer on TV, on the West Coast, or in Midwest, or up North in New York. It’s right here in Wilmington, and then seeing it right there down the street at a local store that I usually go and shop at, is scary,” Walker said.

Lt. Jerry Brewer with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department said they took a report for vandalism, which will now go to detectives.

An employee said because they do not have surveillance cameras, the store is under a 24-hour watch.

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