Family of firefighters lose house, dog to fire

ASH, NC (WWAY) — A family of firefighters is trying to get back on its feet after they lost their home and a dog to a fire last night.

It happened in Brunswick County off Butler Circle in Ash.

Firefighter Jeffrey Milligan says his son was home alone and in the shower when he heard something outside. He says the teen looked out the window and saw the front porch in flames.

Milligan says he and his wife were at their kid’s band concert 20 miles away. By the time they got home the house was fully engulfed. He says he was calm knowing his family was out of the house.

Jeffrey and Janice Milligan and four of their kids are firefighters at the Waccamaw Volunteer Fire Department. Milligan says thankfully the kids grew up around fires and knew what to do.

“To see the guys you’re in the fire department with just out there risking their lives for your house, knowing you’re usually with them, but you’re helpless, you can’t do anything… It was kind of breathtaking,” Milligan said. “I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet.”

Milligan says all he cared about was knowing his family was safe. He says he can replace a house and everything in it, but not family.

Milligan says his family is getting donations and help from Red Cross, the Waccamaw Fire Department and family and friends until they get settled in a new house.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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