Family of man charged in 2020 murder of Carly Rae Baron speaks

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The trial for the 2020 murder of Carly Rae Baron set to begin next week. The family of the defendant is now speaking out.

In November of 2020, Jaquan Cortez Jackson was arrested and charged with the second degree murder of Carly Rae Baron.

Wilmington police say Carly Rae Baron was shot and killed in the 3600 block of Wrightsville Avenue on Halloween in 2020.

Investigators say they don’t believe Jaquan Jackson and Baron knew each other, and the shooting stemmed from a car accident, which led to an argument between Jackson and a group of people.
Police say Jackson fired his gun during the argument.

“The family was advised not to say anything to the press, to speak to the deceased family or speak out for fear of appearing insensitive,” said Dianne Hayes, Jaquan Jackson’s aunt.

Jackson’s family held a news conference Friday afternoon, offering their condolences to Carly Rae Baron’s family.

“As we pray daily for Quans’s sanity, hope, faith, protection, and Carly’s family the same, we continue to lift you all in prayers of comfort, and the acceptance of god’s will be done,” said Hayes.

The family also spoke about Jackson.

“He still has a long life to live, and we know that Carly had a long life to live, and it’s just so unfortunate what occurred that brought about her demise, and we trust and believe that it was not in his intention to take anybody’s life or to hurt her in manner or way. He just acted foolishly, and it was because of the heat of the moment,” said Kojo Nantambu, Jaquan Jackson’s cousin and Temple of Truth, Light And Life in Wilmington Pastor.

WWAY reached out to the family of Carly Rae Baron. The assistant district attorney responded, saying neither the family nor the DA’s Office had advanced knowledge of Friday’s news conference held by Jackson’s family.

“They’re just concerned, and felt like it was time for them to say something, and they wanted to say something before, but we –understand how the in the heat of the moment, things are not received in the same manner.  So this is a moment of calmness, even though this is also a moment of pensive anticipation about next week. We felt like it was time to say something,” said Nantambu.

Jury selection in trial will begin Monday, January 30, at 2 p.m. at the New Hanover County Courthouse.


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