UPDATE: Delivery driver pleads guilty in fatal crash, victim’s family plans to sue

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Brittany Boddiford pleaded guilty in a New Hanover County courtroom this morning to charges related to the death of Lacoltus Grady.

In May, Lacoltus Grady died after he was hit and killed while standing near his parked car on Morningside Drive. Wilmington Police said Boddiford, a driver for Domino’s, was reaching for her cell phone, drifted left of center and hit Grady. Police said the Boddiford then hit Grady’s car and a parked moving truck.

This morning, Boddiford pleaded guilty to one felony and one misdemeanor charge, among other traffic citations for Grady’s death.

Boddiford could be sentenced to a maximum of 59 months and 20 days, which is almost 5 years.

Boddiford’s guilty plea is part of  plea deal. The state says it will drop the misdemeanor death by motor vehicle charge.

The Assistant District Attorney says Grady was leaving his mom’s house the day Boddiford hit him on Morningside Drive. Grady’s mother heard the crash, so did other witnesses.

Officers found a partially smoked marijuana cigarette and a bag of marijuana inside Boddiford’s car.  After tests, officers discovered Boddiford was not impaired.  Officers say Boddiford was going 45mph, the speed limit was 25mph.

The Assistant District Attorney said Grady was struck with enough force to cause internal injuries that killed him.

The prosecution said there had been complaints about Boddiford’s speeding and that Boddiford’s manager told her ‘if you keep speeding you are going to kill someone and then you won’t be able to live with yourself.’  The manager made Boddiford call the person who complained about her speed and apologize.

Grady’s family became emotional during the victim impact statements, telling the court that Grady was an only child.  He was 36-years-old.

Grady’s family attorney, Willie Gray said they filed a lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza for $100 million.

Gary said the restaurant chain knew about Boddiford’s driving history and continued to let her deliver anyway. During the trial, the prosecution confirmed there had been complaints about Boddiford’s speeding.

“Are we upset? You bet we are.” Gary said, “Is somebody going to pay? You bet they are. Because this is the American way, we don’t come seeking charity, we’re seeking justice.”

The suit seeks reparations from Domino’s and Boddiford for negligence and wrongful death, vicarious liability, gross negligence and punitive damages based upon willful and wanton conduct.



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