Faulty carport causes headaches

A New Jersey couple buys a home in Burgaw, with plans to open their own business. Sounds like the American dream, but the Chomiczewskis say, that dream was shattered when the steel building they paid thousands of dollars for, turned out to be a bust. The company that manufactures and installs it, is now refusing to fix what the couple says are recurring problems.

“We have worked four years to save this money, to do this business, and it’s just beyond frustrating at this point because we’re stuck,” said Melanie Chomiczewski.

Leon and Melanie Chomiczeski bought their Burgaw home in January. The next month, they purchased a ten thousand dollar shed from a Virginia based company, Eagle Carports. The building was supposed to be home to their taxidermy business. “The time and money that this company has cost us, I don’t think you could put a dollar sign on it.”

But from the beginning the building was nothing but a headache, from a crooked frame to a leaky roof. “It cost me four or five thousand dollars worth of material because the rain was coming in there,” Leon said.

The couple repeatedly contacted Eagle Carports.

Crews eventually came out to the couple’s home to fix the problems. They replaced the roof three times, and in September, ended up installing a whole new building.

But the Chomiczeskis say the problems persist. “We’re the consumer that put the money out, they’re the company that’s supposed to provide the building, provide the service, and they didn’t live up to their end of it, and now they’re telling us they won’t help us anymore” Melinda

The shed’s 30-day warranty has obviously expired, but the Chomiczeski’s say it was never done right in the first place.

Frustrated and running out of options for their shoddy shed, Leon and Melanie went to the Better Business Bureau.

“This business has a ‘F’ rating, with us currently and has generated over 80 complaints in a three year reporting period,” said Julie Wheeler of the Better Business Bureau. “In this particular case the rating is coming from, the volume of complaints as well as the fact that they have gone unanswered, and several that were unresolved”

The BBB acts as a third party mediator in cases like this.

Eagle Carports was notified of the complaint, and issued a rebuttal, saying all of the company’s attempts to fix the problem were made after the warranty expired, at the company’s expense.

The Chomiczeski’s answered back. The Better Business Bureau passed the complaint to Eagle Carports. “Sometimes they completely resolve the complaint, but sometimes they personally resolve the complaint so we’re still hopeful we can get an answer and some resolution for these consumers,” Wheeler added.

WWAY contacted Eagle Carports today and spoke with a sales manager there who’s familiar with the Chomiczeski’s case.

He said the company has gone well beyond the terms of the warranty to fix the problems. He also said, he would not comment further and that we’d need to speak with the corporate attorney because this case would most likely go to litigation. The attorney didn’t return our call.

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