Fears over deportation hurting businesses in Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Recent deportations of immigrants by ICE agents are having an impact nationwide and some local business owners say it is also hurting their pockets.

It has been a rough week for Brunswick County salon owner Sonya Gore. Gore says she has seen a rapid decline in her business leaving her shop completely empty some days.

“My business has just dropped off just like poof it’s gone,” Gore said.

In the past week Legacy Hair has taken a hit business wise.

“It’s really taken away from me financially like a lot. Because I was making pretty good money off of my spanish speaking clients,” Gore said.

Gore says her clientele is made up of at least 40% Hispanic or Latino customers.

“What am I supposed to do? Chances of me having to close my business are really, really good. Because like I said they are a big part of my clientele,” Gore said.

And she is not alone, rumors swirling that ICE agents are targeting the area have other businesses losing business like Gore’s neighbor Alex Murill who owns Tienda Tropicana next door.

“One thing I see is people decline coming to the store right now. They are afraid to go out. Some people call me and say are the immigration at Walmart. And I say no why. Because I can’t go to the store because I’m afraid they will stop me and take me,” Murill said.

Murill says more than 50% of his customers are also Hispanic.

“they even ask me call me if I would deliver groceries to my home,” Murill said.

Customers scared to even go grocery shopping or get their hair done. Gore says it is a sad situation she just does not understand.

“This is just not right. It just like hurts me to my soul that so many people have no compassion for other people. We are all humans. It does not matter if you came from Mexico or wherever you came from. We’re all still made of the same red blood. And I just don’t understand. I don’t understand,” Gore said.

Gore adds the recent deportations are not only tearing families apart but affecting businesses as well.

“Trump and his administration need to have some compassion. Yeah you want this to run like a fine business but this is America and we need love and compassion as well,” Gore said.

Gore and Murill told WWAY the neighborhood is on edge some of their clients have even taken their kids out of school.

However WWAY could not confirm any ICE raids in the Brunswick County area.

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