Financial help could still be headed to flood-soaked Pender

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Families in Pender County are finally able to get their lives moving again. The flood water has gone down significantly, and all the roads in the county are back open.

The Northeast Cape Fear River now measures at 8.92 feet. That’s about six feet lower than when it crested a week ago. Now it’s time to total up the damage.

Tommy Gore is pulling out all his carpet. Other folks have to get rid of just about everything on their bottom floor.

Pender County Emergency Management Director Tom Collins mapped out some homes that were hit the worst near the northeast cape fear river. He’s preparing for teams from FEMA and the state to come tomorrow to assess damaged homes.

Collins said even though Gov. Bev Perdue did not include Pender County in a disaster declaration last week, it is not too late for the county to get financial help.

“I think there might be some confusion that’s going on,” Collins said. “The reason why Pender County wasn’t included in Gov. Perdue’s letter was that we have not done our assessment. The issue is we couldn’t get to it, so it’s not that we can’t be added.”

Collins said Pender County needed $134,000 worth of damage to roads and other government property to be eligible for federal aid. He said the county easily doubled that with about $300,000 in damage to government property.

After FEMA and the state finish their reports, it will be up to Gov. Perdue to ask for a disaster declaration from the President. Pender County could qualify for individual assistance, which is damage to homes and small businesses or public assistance, which is damage to roads and other government property.

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