Fire destroys Caswell Beach vacation home

CASWELL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As they monitored hot spots this morning, firefighters said the important thing to remember is that no one was hurt when flames ripped through a vacation home in Caswell Beach.

“The wind was low,” Yaupon Beach Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief John Lowry said. “The weather worked with us pretty good.”

But it wasn’t enough to save the home that once stood at 130 Caswell Beach Road. Now all that remains are a flower pot and a few steps.

It all happened around 5 a.m. Multiple departments came together to fight the flames.

“We had Oak Island Fire Department was out here, Southport Fire Department and St. James Fire Department came over and covered the island while we was working on this,” Lowry said.

As the house burned, the goal became saving the home next door.

“Which we did,” Lowry said. “We was able to save it and protect it, but this house was too far gone.”

It’s news no family wants to get just before Christmas.

“I called the home owner, and they hate it burned, and it’s sad,” Lowry said. “I hate to see anyone’s property go down, because the first thing I think is it could be my property. It could be mine burning, so I hate to see anyone’s house burn.”

Firefighters had flames out by 8 a.m. They’re still working to figure out how it started.

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