FIRST ON 3: ‘Teen Mom’ sentenced for viral fight video

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A judge has sentenced MTV “Teen Mom 2” star and Oak Island resident Jenelle Evans for her role in a fight caught on video that went viral on the Internet.

Evans and Brittany Truett were caught on video fighting outside a home. Another girl, Brittany Maggard, was seen on the video pushing Evans into the fight. All three were arrested in March and charged with simple affray.

Today a judge sentenced Evans and Truett to 30 days suspended sentence and 12 months supervised probation. Maggard received 45 days suspended sentence and 12 months supervised probation, because she has a prior record of assault.

All three must also pay a $100 fine and court costs, take anger management and do 24 hours of community service. The judge ruled that it would be a violation of their probation for any of the young women to have contact with each other or anyone who was at the fight. The judge was told that includes the father of Truett’s child, but the judge ruled even they must not have contact with each other.

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