FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Gov. Perdue talks about troopers’ texts; Investigation results expected Friday

RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Bev Perdue talked for the first time since an investigation began looking into whether a North Carolina State Trooper tried to intimidate a Raleigh attorney and his wife.

We were the first to report that Hoyt Tessener accused Tpr. Edward Wyrick of trying to intimidate his wife Gina after a DWI stop a couple of weeks ago near Wrightsville Beach.

Tessener made his accusations in a letter sent to the governor and a host of other state leaders.

Earlier this week, the highway patrol released text messages between Wyrick and Tpr. Andrew Smith in which Smith uses the “F” word.

“I think the messages were totally inappropriate… the content of the messages,” Perdue said. “I don’t believe they’re criminal, and I don’t believe they’re offenses to fire over, but I do believe the messages were wrong. I don’t think anybody should use language like that in texts or anywhere – privately or publicly. So for that, I’ve talked to the Secretary today. I believe the report will be completed some time very soon. And I for one believe that everybody ought to have a chance to read the report and hear the report and see if what we think has happened really happened. Now that’s what America’s great about. I have zero tolerance, but yet I’m smart enough to know when there’s an ongoing investigation I’ve got to step back and let the investigation happen. I look forward to the results tomorrow.

“Again, the content was wrong. Folks shouldn’t put that in an e-mail or a text. We expect our state government employees, because they work for you and for the people of North Carolina, to be respectful and mindful and understand their job is one of public service, and that doesn’t meet the sniff test. But again, I don’t know that that’s criminal, and I don’t know that that’s an offense worth firing for.”

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