First Lady launches “Joining Forces” tour at Camp Lejeune

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — First Lady Michelle Obama is on a two-day tour to promote a new White House initiative called “Joining Forces.” Her first stop was in southeastern North Carolina at Camp Lejeune.

In front of thousands the First Lady and the Vice President’s wife Dr. Jill Biden gave thanks not only to the service members in the crowd, but their families, too. The visit to Camp Lejeune is the first stop of a tour launching the new “Joining Forces” campaign, which aims to educate and spark action from all sectors, from neighbors offering to babysit, all the way to businesses offering jobs.

“We can all join forces that’s why the First Lady and I are here today,” Dr. Biden said. “We need all Americans to support our military families.”

“We’re joining forces with individuals and communities so that each of us finds our own way to serve our military families who are neighbors, coworkers, and classmates,” Mrs. Obama said.

The First Lady said this call for action is greatly needed, because many times the general public is unaware of the unique challenges military families face. Mrs. Obama added that military families are so good at keeping everything together.

“It’s like you’re almost wearing camouflage even though you are not the ones on the battlefield,” Mrs. Obama said. “People can’t always see your special brand of service, because you don’t wear it on your sleeve.”

The First Lady’s speech put smiles on the faces of military wives like Rashawn Bennett, whose husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

“It’s nice to have someone come on our level and see what we go through not just from a distance,” Bennett said.

The First Lady and Dr. Biden also made stops Wednesday in Texas and Colorado. Thursday the “Joining Forces” tour will head to Ohio.

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