Flooding continues in northern Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County has taken the brunt of the deluge. Parts of the county were under water Monday. Tonight, more rain means more problems.

In Brunswick County, unofficial totals range from four to 14 inches since Monday. NC Dozens of roads in Brunswick County have closed due to flooding, including NC 133, which is open only to local traffic from Belville to Sunny Point. The closures mean some people can’t even get home to their families.

“The road’s blocked off, and I’m trying to get home,” Grace Frank of Leland said. “I’m picking up my kids at my sister’s house, just got off from work, just want to get home!”

But to get home many drivers had to go through an obstacle course of closed off roads.

“Usually if we’re not there to watch, people will go ahead and move the barricades and try to get around, so we constantly have to go back and reset the barricades,” Leland Police Capt. Nick Giacobbe said.

For residents in the neighborhoods behind Waterford in Leland, it’s nothing new.

“It always floods here, and I just wanted to see how bad it was,” Dennis Michaliga said.

Several other roads in northern Brunswick County are impassable or have problems that can be dangerous. The road is broken-up on the bridge in the 500 block of Village Road in Leland. Lanvale Road near Brunswick Forest also has very high water. Police say your best bet is to stay off the roads.

“I recommend that they stay home,” Giacobbe said. “Unless they absolutely have to, they need to stay home, because you could leave an area and still be okay and by the time you try and get back home, it could be flooded and you might not be able to get in.”

Emergency workers say it’s especially dangerous to drive at night, because it’s much harder to see standing water and fallen trees, so curl up on the couch and watch TV and stay home if you can help it.

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