Food donations come in for Salvation Army

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There is a positive update to a story we reported earlier this week.

On Wednesday, we reported that the Wilmington Salvation Army is closing its kitchen for temporary repairs.

On Thursday, we learned help is pouring in.

Once the story aired Wednesday, several businesses and donors came to the rescue.

The Salvation Army has to close their kitchen to repair the sink and tile flooring.

This takes away their ability to serve hot food for their four daily meals.

McDonald’s, Jimmy Johns, and Krispy Kreme are helping the Salvation Army feed their visitors for the week.

“I’ve been in Wilmington a year now. And I find that Wilmington is a very generous community, said Maj. Mark Craddock with the Salvation Army. “Every experience we’ve had when we’ve gone to our donors, we’ve gong to the community and we’ve said ‘we need a little bit of help’ people have stepped up.”

The food is being delivered to their downtown location. The repairs though will take longer than they anticipated. They ask if any business or donor could help. They will need food to feed visitors one more day on Saturday.

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