Former governor Hunt talks about education, teacher pay

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Jim hunt served as North Carolina’s governor longer than anyone else, but today he learned a few new tricks.

This morning he took a break from politics to play and educate folks on why it is so important to keep our kids learning.

Hunt got a grand tour of all the fun and educational exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Wilmington. He even took some time to play himself.

But it wasn’t all just fun and games. Hunt also discussed teacher pay.

“I think the people that have the most important job in North Carolina are our teachers,” he said. “And by the way I think they work the hardest.”

On this day Hunt’s teacher was sixth grader Lindsay West, who showed the former government around one of her favorite places.

“It was a great experience,” she said.

But more and more teachers are finding their experiences less fulfilling, especially for their wallets, as state cuts have often meant fewer resources for their classrooms and even fewer raises for their paychecks. Hunt says it’s something he hopes will change and soon.

“They’re having to pay out of their pockets for materials for students. They’re having a hard time sending their children to college, paying their own expenses, a lot of them taking second and third jobs,” Hunt said. “We can do better than that in North Carolina.”

After the tour, Hunt was honored with an award for the Innate Love of Learning at the Great Friend to Kids luncheon at CFCC’s Union Station.

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