Fort Bragg commander approves Hennis conviction, death sentence

By Drew Brooks
Fayetteville Observer

Fort Bragg’s acting commander has approved the conviction and death sentence imposed on Timothy Hennis after a court-martial in April 2010.

Hennis, a former Fort Bragg soldier, was convicted of killing a woman and two of her daughters in Fayetteville in 1985.

The case, which has been the subject of a book and a television miniseries, has spread over four decades and includes three trials – two in civilian courts and the third in military court.

Maj. Gen. Rodney O. Anderson, acting senior commander of the 18th Airborne Corps, on Jan. 26 approved the findings of the latest trial, according to a Fort Bragg spokeswoman, who released the information Wednesday.

Anderson has been commanding in lieu of Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, who returned from a deployment to Iraq late last year. Helmick resumes command today.

The case now goes to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals for further review.

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