Fraternal Order of Police upset with city about how officer’s case was handled

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s a strongly worded letter alleging a hostile workplace and significant problems inside the Wilmington Police Department. It’s a story only on WWAY.

In a letter to Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and the city council, Fraternal Order of Police State President, Randy Hagler, expressed his concern in how the city handled Sgt. Kevin Tully’s case, where he sued the city after the city manager ruled he could not appeal the test.

Hagler says this is not the first complaint his group has heard about WPD, but this case stood out.

“You should be, according to their own process, should be promoted, and then they decide they’re not going to for whatever arbitrary reason. It’s just deceiving. They’re plotting to have a process, if you’re going to still only promote who you choose to,” Hagler said.

Earlier this month, the state supreme court ruled Tully has a constitutional claim against the city over a promotion test he failed and sent the case back to New Hanover County court, where a judge several years ago ruled Tully’s rights had not been violated.

Hagler hopes this will serve as a lesson for the city and WPD.

“All we’re asking for you to do is take a look at your process and make adjustments accordingly. We’re not trying to get anybody in trouble, we just don’t want this to happen again,” Hagler said.

In a memo to city council obtained by WWAY, City Attorney John Joye wrote, “the city is confident that Tully’s rights were not violated with respect to the promotional process and will continue to defend this matter through discovery and trial.”

WWAY reached out to the members of the City Council for a comment. Clifford Barnett, Paul Lawler and Charlie Rivenbark did not return our call. Kevin O’Grady said he did not want to comment. Neil Anderson said “It’s one person, one issue,” and refused to comment. Mayor Bill Saffo is out of town and could not be reached. A Wilmington Police spokeswoman said the department will not comment.

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